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​​Have you had problems with the self-serve laundry machines in Morgan City?

Commercial laundry equipment installation could be the problem, not your equipment. It is common for self-service laundry room owners in Morgan City to experience service problems related to faulty installations, which is why business owners lean on Southern AC and Heating for their commercial washer and dryer installations.

What to Look For In a Commercial Washer and Dryer Installation Company

Several Louisiana laundry machine vendors hire subcontractors who are not properly trained or careless when installing the machines. 

Although this is an easy and inexpensive way to install a washing machine, it can be quite costly for laundry room owners due to repeated service calls for machine problems due to a defective installation.

Working with an insured company is important as well. Knowing that the company you’re working with is insured means your liability is covered and they are professional in how they handle business. 

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Southern AC and Heating Is Fully Insured

Call Southern AC and Heating today to prevent costly repair bills, frustrated tenants, and loss of revenue for months to come!

Commercial Laundry Equipment Installation is a skill that our company’s qualified, highly experienced team of full-time installation technicians are highly skilled and experienced at installing washers and dryers to Louisiana laundromat owners.

You may face other expenses in addition to laundry machine problems and loss of income if your laundry company uses unqualified companies to install their machines.

Workers’ compensation and general liability insurance may not cover these workers, which could open you up to liability should they fall or get injured while installing your machine.

Fully Insured

We ensure our laundry machine technicians are insured with general liability and workers’ compensation. At Southern AC and Heating, we deliver and install laundry machines for customers in the Louisiana area.

We understand the importance of providing installation correctly the first time to our customers. We follow the guidance from the manufacturers, our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified on the equipment we install.

In addition to installations, we offer Louisiana commercial laundry equipment repair services to ensure that your equipment stays up and running once Southern AC and Heating have been delivered and installed.

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Why Choose Southern AC and Heating for Your Commercial Washer and Dryer Installation

Our company believes that you are best served by a technician with an in-depth understanding and familiarity with your laundry room problems. This is why you’ll have an assigned technician to work with on an ongoing basis. This will allow the technician to become familiar with your laundry room and speed up the service and repair process.

Southern AC and Heating are fully equipped to meet all your commercial laundry room needs.
Contact Southern AC and Heating today at 985-498-2576 for the top-quality laundry equipment and expert laundry machine installation services Morgan City laundry room owners deserve!

How Long Does Installation Take

Having your machines operational means you’ll be able to recoup your investment. We understand you’re running a business and need income to stay open which is why we install your commercial washers and dryers in a quick and efficient manner.

Our goal is to have your installation complete within one business day although it does depend on how many units are being installed, conditions around where the units will be located, and delivery of the units themselves. 

How much does Commercial Installation of Washers and Dryers Cost

Installation costs are highly variable depending on the project. The cost is highly dependent on how quickly we’re able to finish installation, how many units are being installed, and how quickly we can get the job done. 

The price for an installation done right is much less than a shoddy installation that requires followup visits throughout the machines life. If you want a cost effective installation get it done right the first time. 

Our Service Area

We are headquartered in Morgan City, LA though we service many locations for commercial washer and dryer installations. 

If you’re in need of a qualified installation company give us a call to see if we can service your area. 

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