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A lot of people wait until the old furnace stops working completely before investing in a brand new one. 

Over the course of months or years, the heating systems become much more expensive to operate.  The inefficiency of the motor and the need for frequent maintenance increase costs quickly. 

Newer systems allow for energy costs to be lower with due to their efficiency.  These systems are also quieter and more comfortable. 

The professional team at Southern AC and Heating can assist you in determining if your furnace needs replacing or routine maintenance. We’ll also offer you recommendations on which units would be great fits for your situation.

Dependable Heating Replacements in Morgan City, LA

In addition to receiving regular updates, we also ensure that our NATE-certified technicians stay current with industry advances in equipment design.

Southern AC and Heating provides the best heater and furnace replacements within the greater Morgan City area along with a multitude of other services.  A number of HVAC contractors have performed improper installations due to inexperience and lack of care. 

Those mistakes have been corrected by our Southern AC and Heat. To provide the best service to our clients, our experienced team of professionals has the knowledge, the tools, and the industry resources.

You can trust our technicians to provide you with an efficient heating system today and for years to come. Our licensed technicians pay attention to both big picture and small details.

Our Heating Installation Process

We provide cost-effective and rewarding installation services for all of your home heating and cooling needs.  Our solutions cater to every expectation and every need of your projects, and we handle every aspect of it with meticulous attention to detail. 

You will always speak to a live and courteous member of our staff whenever you contact Southern AC and Heating. They will make sure you are satisfied throughout your project

Additional Commercial Heating Services

Winter breakdowns are common; how can you avoid them? Contact our team to schedule an annual heating tune-up! The tune-ups we provide help prevent major furnace repairs and can also improve the energy efficiency of your furnace.

Rooftop HVAC Units

Commercial Heating Cost

The costs of installing a commercial heating unit highly depends on the type of unit, ease of access to the installation area, any alterations we would need to make to your installation area. 

Costs are determined on a case by case basis by scheduling a consultation with one our experts who will walk you through the entire process. 

Keep in mind its estimated 12% of monthly utility costs are attributed to heating and cooling your building.

How long it takes to replace your heating unit

Keeping your building or office warm during the winter months is crucial. We understand you want your furnace replaced as quickly as possible and we aim to provide the fastest replacements in South Louisiana. 

All of our replacements are done quickly and can usually be done within 1 day depending on circumstances. 

Things To Consider Before Repairing or Replacing a Heating Unit

  • Age -If your furnace is between 10 and 15 years old, it’s probably past its prime and shouldn’t be repaired, especially if some repairs were done several times already this year. This is similar to air conditioner units as well.

  • Long-term Investment- Although it is more costly to install a new furnace than to repair an old one, it is more cost-effective in the long-run to maintain it. You can count on Southern AC and Heat’s heater contractors to calculate the return on investment for you.

  • Utility Costs- Based on past utility bills, you can estimate the cost of running your furnace based on rising utility rates this season. See what savings you can expect from furnace replacement when compared to the energy required by an older furnace at the same utility rates.

  • Energy Efficiency –  Newer ac units and furnaces will work more efficiently which allows them to run less often putting less strain on the unit overall. Older units will run for longer durations and increase the need for repairs.

Let the experts at Southern AC and Heating guide you through the process of replacing your heating unit. We are NATE certified and have extensive experience replacing heating units throughout the Morgan City, LA area. We are locally owned and operated and you’ll get the southern hospitality you deserve when working with us.

We know that replacing a heating unit is a large investment which is why we give you honest and competitive pricing before ever starting your project. Give us a call today to see how we can help solve your heating problem. 

Additional Commercial Services

The company responded to our call very quickly the other night when our ac unit was making strange noises. They sent out a service tech to fix my step dad’s AC unit a few minutes after we called and Their prices are reasonable. Spenser, the service tech, was very polite. The work was done quickly and the quality is very good. He got our unit back to working!
Stephanie Flenner
Stephanie Flenner
December 28, 2021.
The service technician arrived on time to repair our ac. The staff was very friendly and offered various options for appointments, the technicians had a good amount of experience to fix the issue. The quality of work was very good, our Lennox brand unit is back to working.
Joe Glenn
Joe Glenn
December 13, 2021.
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