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The cost of performing proactive, scheduled maintenance is always less than the cost of experiencing service interruptions due to unforeseen repairs. Preventative maintenance also extends the life of your equipment. By spreading maintenance costs evenly over a year, a mechanical maintenance plan can also improve your financial planning. Southern AC and Heating brings unparalleled expertise to commercial AC repairs for buildings, facilities, and businesses of all sizes in the greater Morgan City area along with other services such as AC installations and AC repairs commercial, along with heating installations and repairs as well. 

Benefits of Planned AC Maintenance

Increased Energy Efficiency

An HVAC system that is properly maintained performs at its best. Lower energy costs result from the energy-efficient operation. As your HVAC system accounts for a large portion of your energy expenses, you can save a lot by operating it efficiently.

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How Often Should Maintenance Be Done

Professional maintenance should be done at least yearly and preferably a couple of times a year. If you’re unsure how often your unit needs servicing give us a call! We can give you an estimation for how often your unit should be services.

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Fewer HVAC Repairs and Fewer Equipment Breakdowns

A thorough annual inspection of the equipment is considered to be the best insurance against service interruptions by industry experts and commercial HVAC contractors. Almost all equipment failures and HVAC repairs can be attributed to a lack of maintenance.

Planned maintenance will also extend your units lifespan, allowing you longer use out of your unit and postponing the need for a replacement.

Reduced Operating Costs

By properly maintaining commercial HVAC systems, operating costs can be cut by 40 percent or more. When your business’s HVAC needs are fewer, it not only saves on repair costs, but it also optimizes its performance. Employees and customers alike will be pleased.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Proper preventive maintenance can extend commercial HVAC equipment’s lifespan to 20+ years. HVAC systems should be serviced annually by a professional. When proper maintenance is not performed, a unit will break down completely after it has become inoperative.

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Commercial AC Units

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How much does it cost to service an air conditioner

Typical maintenance on an AC unit can cost anywhere between $100 – $500 depending on what materials are used and what the unit needs to be kept running. The same can be said for heating maintenance as well. Units that have not received maintenance in a long time may require more extensive servicing than those that are maintained quarterly.

Why Choose Southern AC and Heating for Your Commercial AC Maintenance

At Southern AC and Heating we are locally owned and operated. Headquartered in Morgan City, Louisiana. We have years of experience working on commercial AC units including warehouses, marine vessels, retail stores, and much more. We are also customer-oriented, our number one goal always being customer satisfaction! We built this company to improve our local community and have positive impacts on those we serve! We also understand prices are a concern and we strive to be competitive in pricing on every job we do along with providing the absolute most clear communication through your project.

If you’re interested in working with us, give us a call or contact us!

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If you’re located in an area not listed please reach out to us! We are willing to accommodate most customers in Southeast Louisiana.

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