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Southern AC and Heating is the best HVAC contractor in Morgan City. You can rest easy knowing that our pricing is upfront and transparent. Southeast, Louisiana can count on us for all their air conditioning needs. You can rely on us for all kinds of AC repair and installation, as well as routine maintenance. We are ready to help with any AC needs you may have. All of our technicians are NATE certified and fully trained to work on all major brands of air conditioners, furnaces, and laundromat equipment.

We are located in Morgan City, Louisiana 70380 and are locally owned and operated! 


All Southern AC and Heating technicians are licensed and certified to work on all major brands of air conditioners and heaters. 


We are a fully insured local hvac company


We are extensively experienced in hvac repairs, installations, and laundromat services. 

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Southern AC and Heating Review

The service technician arrived on time to repair our ac. The staff was very friendly and offered various options for appointments, the technicians had a good amount of experience to fix the issue. The quality of work was very good, our Lennox brand unit is back to working.

AC Repair

Your air conditioner is a large investment, so you want to ensure that it works as effectively and efficiently as possible. Luckily, we’re here to help. Get in touch with Souther AC and Heating when your air conditioner isn’t working properly. We offer superior AC repair services. We provide air conditioning services throughout Morgan City, Berwick, Franklin, Patterson, and the nearby areas.

We are a fully trained and certified AC repair company for the greater Morgan City area. All of our technicians are NATE certified and trained. We are able to repair all major AC brands on the market. We offer a free repair estimate on all of our jobs after we do a free inspection. We want you to be completely educated on your situation and the costs and benefits of repair your air conditioner. 

Whenever you need Morgan City AC repair, we at Southern AC and Heating are always available with 24 Hour emergency ac repair services. Our air conditioning repair experts will rush to your home as soon as possible when you are experiencing the sting of summer heat and your cooling system has failed. Providing professional services for your home’s air conditioning is what Southern AC and Heating is all about.

AC Repair Technician

It is best to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner on a regular basis if you want it to run smoothly. Providing expert AC maintenance in Morgan City, Morgan City, and Berwick, Southern AC and Heating is a leading HVAC company. We make sure your AC unit is well cared for!

For your AC system to function properly, regular maintenance is essential. It is important to invest in maintaining your air conditioner since you invested so much money in it. Your family will remain safe and comfortable this summer if you have regular air conditioner service.

Your air conditioner will run more smoothly with regular cleaning and tune-up services. By applying less strain to your system, you’ll experience cooler air without overwhelming it.

Maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioning system is a great way to extend its life and save you money. Our service technicians serve the entire tri-city area including Morgan City, so contact us today!

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AC Installation Company in Morgan City

Southern AC and Heating is the best air conditioner installation company in the greater Morgan City area. We install a variety of brands including Maytag, American Standard, and more. We offer the most transparent and competitive pricing in the market for new ac installations. 

Our aim to get your home or business to a comfortable temperature with a new air conditioner. Taking control of your comfort is the job of our team of heating and cooling experts. We are constantly educating ourselves so that we can offer you the best technology and techniques. Count on us to offer the right recommendation.

We have been installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioners in the Morgan City area for years. With us, you will never have to worry about the make or model of your air conditioner. We are committed to your complete satisfaction.

The advantages of owning a whole-house air conditioner in Louisiana are immense. Summers can be excruciating, and an air conditioner can provide comfort and ease to any household.

Make sure you call the experts at Southern AC and Heating when it’s time to install a new HVAC system in your home. Our air conditioning technicians are trained to help customers choose the perfect air conditioning system for their homes.

A system’s suitability for your family is determined by your usage, the size of your house, and the type of system you need. Our HVAC technicians are reliable when it comes to sizing your system and providing AC installations that are clean and efficient.

AC Repair Technician

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You can rely on our Morgan City AC company to provide whatever cooling service you need. Installing, repairing, maintaining, and replacing your air conditioning or heating can be our specialty. 

When you’re looking for an AC company that can provide expert service, call us: we service Morgan City, Patterson, Berwick, Franklin, and the surrounding areas.

When Southern AC and Heating performs a comprehensive inspection they can quickly identify the furnace problem. Maybe your furnace short cycles, emits odd odors, or makes noises that are unusual.  Our heating services are done quickly and correctly on all makes and models, and we are proud to service them all.

Among other worn parts, our team replaces thermostats, blower motors, and heat exchangers. If you have a gas leak or a water leak, we can resolve it and improve your indoor air quality. With our team’s furnace repair services in Morgan City and the surrounding areas, you can feel confident.

Southern AC and Heating carries industry-leading brands for products and equipment, so we can install a new unit if your heater if it is beyond repair.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Lennox or another manufacturer, we can recommend the right heating system for your home. In order to offer you options, we will take into account the size and rate of heat loss from your property.

In addition to providing suggestions on existing climate control products, we can assist you with choosing the right furnace for your property.

If you choose one of our energy-efficient units, you may see a reduction in your utility bills.

AC Installation

Since our opening Southern AC and Heating has established itself as a reliable furnace installer throughout the Morgan City Metro area. All makes and models of furnaces and other popular heating systems can be maintained and repaired by our skilled and experienced furnace technicians. 

Additionally, we install energy efficient furnaces at affordable prices. Our furnace technicians will deliver satisfaction with every service we provide, no matter what your heating needs are.

How to Choose a New AC Unit

Here are some tips and certain factors you should consider before choosing your air conditioner:

You should measure the size of the room or your house before purchasing the right size of air conditioner.

Choosing the right size for your air conditioner will increase its efficiency and lifespan. It depends on a number of factors, including the size of the room, where it is located, and how many people are in it.

Be sure to calculate the appropriate BTU or tonnage for your home before choosing your air conditioner.

Split or window AC:
Window AC is installed on the window of a room and consists of a portable box containing all the major components. It is most commonly used to cool smaller rooms.

However, split ACs consist of two individual units. Within the indoor unit are the air filter, cooling coils, and blower. There are two kinds of capillary tubing in an outside unit of an AC, including the compressor and the condenser coils.

Split air conditioners are more suitable for larger rooms because of their higher cooling capacities. Despite the cost and ease of installation of window air conditioners, split air conditioners are quieter and provide better air distribution.

Air quality:
A central air conditioner’s air filter filters out dirt, germs, and smoke from the air. It may also remove odors and smoke from the air. If you want to reduce humidity in your room, choose an air conditioner with a good dehumidifier.

Cooling speed:
Different temperatures can be achieved throughout the day by adjusting the thermostat or fans. In addition to reducing energy consumption, set-and-forget temperature control further improves cooling efficiency.

Before you buy an air conditioner for yourself, make sure you compare different models according to the specifications, performance, customer reviews, and after-sales service feedback. 

Installation and maintenance:
If you want to avoid any issues, have the AC installed by a professional or a licensed service center. You should also confirm how often the AC system needs to be serviced to ensure it works well. A properly installed and regularly maintained air conditioner will last longer.


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Signs That It’s Time For An AC Installation

Poor airflow – A weak air flow issue is similar to that of warm air. If you turn your air conditioner on, you will feel cool air come out, but it will not be able to circulate throughout the space. A malfunctioning compressor is often to blame for this, but it may also be caused by a problem within the ductwork.A tune-up should be done by an HVAC technician, due to the ambiguity of the issue. Having a professional on your side can ensure that there are no future problems waiting for you.

Room to room temperature differences – An AC unit is not purchased just to sit around and look good. During the hot and muggy summer months, an air conditioner serves a specific purpose, and that is to keep your family cool.

The unit is noisy while running – Abnormal noises from the unit are not a good sign and usually occur due to damage in the unit or a completely broken unit.

Poor air quality – The air quality your AC unit produces is not very good, strange odors are coming from the unit, or your allergies are becoming worse and worse.

High or increasing electricity bill – Significant increases in monthly utility bills due to your ac constantly running

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We are headquartered in Morgan City, Louisiana, and serve Morgan City, Patterson, Franklin, Berwick, and greater Southeast Louisiana with all of our services. If you’d like to set up an appointment today, give us a call at 985-498-2576

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Laundromat Washing and Drying Machines

Commercial washer and dryer installations and repairs. We offer the greater Morgan City and Southeast Louisiana certified commercial installations of washers and dryers to laundromats and other commercial businesses. 

Generac Installations and Repairs – Generac is one of the most trusted brands for home and commercial electricity generators. Our trained and licensed technicians can assist you with installations of new generators or repairing broken down Generac Generators.

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